March 4, 2010 - The Phone Call

Nate called at 7:41 this morning and asked if we could call him back at 3:00pm our time.  Of course I said YES!!  He gave me the number to call, which I repeated back several times, to make sure I had it right.

When 3:00 rolled around we started trying that number.  By 4:20 and after much frustration and trying two other numbers with NO luck, I sat down to send him email saying, "I don't know what happened.  We tried - it rang forever - but no body ever picked up."  Right then the phone rang and it was Nate!  We still don't know why we couldn't call him.  He said he had been trying to call us for the last 2 days.  We even tried to call him right back -- it didn't work -- so finally, we just decided he would have to be the one to make the call.  We spoke for 25 minutes.  Having had all day to think about what I wanted to know, I typed a list of questions so we could cover everything -- and not forget anything -- in a short amount of time.  I also took notes as he answered those questions and gave his account of what happened.  I know, that is SO like me.  I needed to be organized and methodical about this as I knew many people would be asking for details.

So, here goes.  Without getting too wordy...

The good news is that all is well in his sector.  He said there was no harm at all to people or buildings in that sector.  He was happy, laughing and ready to get back to work.  THAT is so Nate.  It was great to hear his voice and feel his positive attitude.

WOW!  We love that kid!  =D