March 29, 2010

Hey there

Elder Pitcher reporting from Chile... today we are in Concepcion.  This is actually the first preparation day I've spent in Concepcion.  Its a pretty big city.  I love being here.  I love my companion. I love Frutichato.  I love Chile.  I love everything about it.

Yesterday we were able to have a baptismal service for two kids. Danilo and Constanza. They are great kids. They are from a menos activa familia that we have helped come back to church. The family is absolutely awesome. I baptized Danilo (12) and Elder Keller baptized the little sister, Coni (9). It was funny because when we asked them who they wanted to baptize them we thought Coni was going to pick me and Danilo Elder Keller, but they surprised us.  Coni is a cute little girl and Danilo is a kid that loves soccer.  They were able to give their testimonies after the baptism and they truly have testimonies of the church. I remember when we asked them how they felt after they prayed and asked if the church was true. Danilo said he felt really good and his heart started beating really fast (he put his hand on is heart and started hitting it) and Coni said she felt a lot of peace - like no one was bugging her in the moment.  They both got up and gave their testimony and said how they knew the church is true because they prayed, and God sent signs to their hearts... I realize more and more how the natural man is an enemy to God and will be for ever and ever. There is only one way to over come it -- listening to the spirit and becoming like a child.  Becoming humble as a child.

Ulysis and Fernando live in a different city.  I will have to let you guys know how they are next week because next week the missionaries will tell me.

We went to Dichato again on Saturday.  Most of the missionaries and people stayed and started sweeping the city, but 6 of us went up and started doing more of the tarp stuff, covering tents.  This time the old men missionaries were there, they are a hoot.  The one just makes fun of the other for the entire day.  I like them both... but I like grandpa a lot more.  How is gramps doing? When is he going to start the orchard?

Speaking of baptism... I hope that next week we will have an interview for a baptismal candidate. His name is Neftalí.  He is 23 years old.  We have been sharing with him for a long time.  Actually Elder Keller and Elder Sarmiento taught him before I got here, but just recently he is starting to progress a lot.  He came to church yesterday for the first time.  He is just scared.  His whole family is Evangelical and we never meet in his house, only in the church. 

There is also a lady named Margot.  She is about 40.  She has two boys, but one doesn't live with her, he's 20,  and one is 3 years old.  We have taught her a couple times.  We usually try to go with an hermana named Mabel.  Mabel is incredible... I hope you meet her some day.  Margot came to church yesterday also.  She really liked it, but wasn't able to stay for the baptism.  She started talking to us at a time when she just wanted a church in her life.  She used to go to an evangelical church, and she just wanted to get back to a church again... she didn't realize that she was getting into the only true church of God and on the earth.  She is realizing that more and more and is having more and more questions, but I love questions.  When people have sincere questions its the best thing a missionary can ask for.  We will keep working with her. 

This week we will be having mission conference.  I am very excited as always.  We will also be listening to General conference baby :) I cannot wait.. I can't believe Nat got married by L Tom Perry.  That blows my mind.  I hope she is doing good... she's awesome, well, our entire family is awesome. I LOVE our family.

Love you all, thanks for everything.

Tell Meg I got the amazing sauce, and thats why I want more! I already ate it all.  When I opened that box and saw that sauce I was in shock, I was so happy.  Tell her thanks... I haven't sent letters since the earthquake, and I wasn't able to send any today, so tell her lots of thanks for me.