March 3, 2010

ok.... i don't have anytime, but yes, the sea left in tome but the thing is it didn't flood the chapel... even though the chapel is right, and i mean right, next to the beach.... no water entered the chapel... there was a little puddle of about 6 inches by 6 inches that entered the chapel... right now we are in our chapel with like 5 families... everything here is fine but people are starting to rob and jack things up... plus no one has communication so we have 10 missionaries together right now.... um we have some non members here so we are going to teach them right now... i have lots of stories and details but who knows when I'll get to tell you... tome was fine because of the geography, a city called Dichato was like a shield for us... if you look on a good map, you'll see its like a shield for us - but Dichato DISAPPERARED.... completely disappeared.  three tidal waves hit that place pretty hard.   I'll try and write you another time... peace.  
i love you all... don't worry :)

P.S. the huge catholic church in tome is about to fall down