December 11, 2010

Me and my new bishop... we took those fotos today ( at the sea)
Hey family... thanks so much for the letter. and thanks Vince for the letter. Life is good.

Today we had to go to Talcahuano which is in the other mission. One of the new converts of the sector had some problems and so we had to take her and her daughter to Talcahuano. The bishop came with us. It was kind of a weird situation because we really aren't allowed to leave mission boundaries, but we told president what was going on and went. That was the only chance I'll probably have to familiarize myself with Talcahuano. We got to see those sea wolves (is that what they are called in English) no I think they are called sea lions in English.
Me and my comp
It was a good week. It honestly flew by. I cant believe we are almost starting the third week of the transfer. We had the conferences this week. On Wednesday we were in Talca and on Friday here in Concepcion. It was a little bit different this time, because there were less talks, but more classes. We spilt each conference into 3 30 missionary groups and we had little workshops on teaching and our purpose and planning and stuff. President Humphrey did one, Hna Humphrey one, and my companion and I one. It went really really well, both conferences. There are very few Latins in this mission, and so each conference there was only one group of Latins so that the others could be done in English (hna Humphrey doesn't speak Spanish, but she is learning SO fast) I don't know why Ive had 4 Latin comps. There are a lot of missionaries here in this mission that go their entire mission without having a Latin comp. I think I've had four because I have such a hard time speaking Spanish. You'd think I could do it by now, but its still tough. The mission is about 15% Latin... compare that to the Concepcion south mission that is 50/50 latin/gringo.
That is me looking over Conce with the truck in the background
So this week we have to go to four different zones to do interviews. We´ll be traveling a lot. I don't mind that at all. I actually really like the assignment I have in this moment. It is tiring, but I like it. We really haven't had time to work in our sector. This last week we were in the office for a lot of time. For example, on Tuesday my companion and I with the office elders were here until about 5 am. We were making final preparations for the conference. At 3 my companion and I laid down and fell asleep until 5... we woke up at five, got home, showered and left at 715. We drove up to Talca, got there at about 945 and had the conference. We were going to come home after that, but we felt like we needed to go somewhere. We ended up going to Curico... Actually to Molina, (elder Tanner Christensons sector) we were going to do some things, but all the appointments fell thru, so we ended up doing a lot of little minicambios, I went with one of the zone leaders to a different sector to interview a lady, the other zone leader stayed with Elder Christenson and my companion stayed with the kid elder Christenson is training.

I love the mission. thanks for everything. I love you guys.

Love elder PITCHER.