April 19, 2010

Today we played football on the beach. We were the only people there. I can’t believe that another week has already come and gone. Time here is so weird. Elder Keller always says we are in a 'Twilight Zone' because we play such an important role in so many peoples lives for such a short amount of time... then we are gone, the next missionaries come in, and they forget about the old ones.

This week a lot of the investigators didn’t progress a whole bunch. For some reason everyone was extremely busy. On top of that, classes have started so families are busy and college kids even busier because they go to Concepción every day. However, we did have a very good lesson with Juan and Javiera, the boyfriend girlfriend. We talked about the Book of Mormon, the Restoration, and Baptism. They still have a lot of questions, but are willing to listen and learn. They accepted a date to have a baptismal interview so right now we are working towards that.

We found another family this week. We were on a mini cambio for the day and I was in our sector with Elder Cutler. We knocked a door and waited. You need to know that every house here has those curtains that work with the light, so in the daytime you can’t see in but they can see out. Well, I was looking at the curtain and I saw a leg walking away. I thought 'Shoot! I didn’t see him fast enough so that I could wave at him,' but about 15 seconds later he came back. (We found out later he went back to the computer but then felt something say he should listen to us.) We entered in and taught him. The lesson was taught with the spirit, powerfully and directly. He has a brother that is a bishop, but he has never cared about the church... any church for that matter. We taught him a little about the keys that Peter received in the bible. We then taught the restoration. He understood and it was very good. He is one of those thinkers - a smart guy. We went back two days later to teach his entire family, but only ended up teaching him, his wife and one of his sons. We basically taught the same thing... baptism and the restoration. It was honestly a miracle we got into the house and taught them.

I’ll keep ya’ll updated...

April 12, 2010

Good morning to everybody!

I'm in Concepción again today. Its a brisk day, fall is coming. These are fun times because if one of us is cold, we both need to wear a jacket, and if one of us is hot, we both don't wear jackets. The rain hasn't started, but its on the verge of busting out. There have been a couple days were its doing the classic Chilean 'its not raining but its not not raining' That's a lot nicer than the rain though, so I'll enjoy the 99.9 % humidity while we have it.
I can't believe another week has come and gone, it goes by too fast. Yesterday we had a record number of people in the church, 95. Five investigators came, but not really the five we were expecting.

I love being here. I feel like I haven't done to much here in Tomé yet. We are still trying our hardest to learn how to work efficiently. Little by little... we actually have a little army here. Our ward missionaries. Since the earthquake things have been crazy, but now we are going to be meeting every Friday.  One of the missionaries, Mabel, is amazing. After the earthquake our street,... a dead end passage, all got together to cook and stuff outside. She was preaching there. She was praying and everything. She talked about Joseph Smith and who he was. Then found out that 2 months ago one of her neighbors had a dream where she was in a grocery store and a man came to her and said buy lots and lots of bread. She asked 'who are you?' The figure responded 'Joseph Smith' She said he had beautiful white long hands. (I don't know if he really did our not) We passed by for them the other day, they are Scared To Death because they know what we are telling them is true. They are so scared because it means change. They are scared because they don't know what its going to mean for them. We have only been able to meet with them one time. They are a little bit older, and they are nice.

I love being here. I was thinking the other day and I can see changes in myself. Two of the biggest changes I thought of were 1- Maturity level 2 - Testimony of Christ. He lives. For a long time I heard people say that but I didn't truly understand what it meant. Now, I understand a little better what it means, but I know that its true. He Lives! This is His work. I am His servant. He is my master.

Con mucho amor
Elder Nathan C Pitcher

Before and after pictures of Dichato.

April 5, 2010

Wow.... I hate to bring this up first thing, but...my dad is 46 years old ;) I love you dad. I miss you probably more then ever watching the priesthood sessions. It was a great conference. I was a little shocked with Elder Holland. I thought he was going to be a little more intense the way he started... All in all, he gave a great talk, along with the rest of the Authorities. I love Conference. Ever since my second Sunday in the MTC I have adored the Apostles. Ever since my second Sunday in the MTC my mission has meant more than anything to me. I love you so much family. Thanks for everything.

This week was another good week. I’ll start off by telling ya’ll about Ulysis. On Tuesday we finally passed his address to the other missionaries. When I gave the address and described the family, the missionary started to get very excited. He said, "Wow! I know this guy. We met him a couple of days ago. They live next to the Catholic church. We taught a good lesson but when we came back the mom was leaving the Catholic Church and told me how active they are, so we really didn’t pass by again." I said, "PASS BY TODAY!!!"  I explained everything and he got very excited. Two days later in the mission conference I asked him if he had passed by. He said, "Yes, and it was an awesome lesson. I asked him about what you had taught him, we then talked more about baptism. When I told him he could be baptized on the 25th of this month he responded to me 'Oh good, there is still time'.”.... (that is what Elder Nelson said to me) I will find out tomorrow if he came to conference and all that jazz.

Today we did some deep cleaning in the house. I was cleaning the bathroom with some pretty strong Clorox and I don’t know what happened... if it mixed with something that was on the wall or what, but my eyes started burning and my nose and even my throat - ha ha ha - it was quite the experience. I had to get out of there as quick as possible. I’ll tell ya, that bathroom was a mess. With the humidity from the shower, there is mold and crud everywhere.

I love Grandpa so much. I miss him a lot. I was thinking about him and Grandma Beryl the other day because sometimes people ask me how far back I am Mormon. I’m so glad for Grandma Renee and her getting Grandpa, and Grandma B's courage to leave everything for the Lord. I am going to write letters soon for them, but I’ve been so busy.  Like you saw in the AOH letter, Jake Taylor has been waiting for a letter from me for like 3 months!
The Mission Conference was awesome. We have a huge focus in the mission on the Atonement and repentance and baptism.  President Chavez gave some incredible talks about this on Thursday.  Then yesterday morning many of the Authorities invited us to study the Atonement more in our personal lives. I would invite you, family, to do it with me. Lets study the Atonement personally and lets try to comprehend it a little better. Let us understand why it was necessary and let us understand what blessings it brought to us. Let us understand how we can change our lives to live as more dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ.

Love you guys... peace...