March 19, 2011

Hey there!
Thanks for the letters, I'm glad everyone is well. It's been a long week, but it passed so fast. Yesterday I went to bed absolutely exhausted. We interviewed 6 zones this last week. When the president interviews a zone, we start with a short message from him. He talks for like 30 minutes mas o menos and then we split. Elder Keller or Hermana Humphrey always did the next part, and after that we split into groups and started doing stuff. Sister Humphrey and Elder Keller and Elder Garcia worked with every companionship individually about teaching and I talked with every companionship about some things. It went well, but honestly, it was tiring... however I love how I know every single missionary in this mission. I know them all well. I love them all.
Thank you so much for your prayers... we are seeing changes in Maria!!!! Thank you so much. She was at church on Sunday with her family. Cristian Lagos, the man that was baptized a month ago, is passing through some big trials. Pray for him. Pray for Maria. Pray that we can find more people.
Today is Elder Reed's and Elder Garcia's birthday! Elder Garcia 26, Elder Reed 20.
While we were in Chillan last Tuesday I drove way way way out into the country on some dirt road to interview some kids for a baptism. They basically live in a cabin that hasn't been finished and there are gaps in the walls and I'm sure its freezing in the winter time. On the way back to Concepcion, we were listening to the Called To Serve MoTab album. I love the line of the Spirit of God that says 'And Ephraim be crowned with its blessing in Zion and Jesus descends in His Chariot of Fire.' I feel so lucky to be able to be His missionary. To be able to serve Him. I love what I'm doing. I can´t wait till He comes. I Love being a missionary.

Hey I got a box from the O'Neals.... Whit, Ash and Aunty El. Thank you so much. I'm eating some Dove chocolate right now :)

Love Elder Pitcher

March 12, 2011

Hey there... It sounds like you're having a great time... I loved the pictures thank you so much.
Tell Jake and Randy that they don't look like they are happy to be home so they should stop faking it ;)
Vincent is awesome. I love that guy so much.
So it's been a good week. We traveled a lot. We were in Parral and Linares on Tuesday. After that we went out to a little town called Cauquenes to work with the Elders there. Wednesday we were in Talca and on Thursday we were in Curico. We are doing interviews right now - Tuesday there were 18 missionaries, Wednesday 28 missionaries, and 22 missionaries on Thursday. We are going to keep on going this week.
Today my companions and I went to Chiguayante to clean the zone leaders house, then we cleaned our house. I was thinking about it and I am probably living better now then I will in the states. I've got a sweet truck and my apartment is bigger than the one I had at BYU. I have a walk-in closet. I've got framed pictures of Christ and Helaman on my walls. Life is good. Yesterday we taught an Evangelic family in our sector. It was a good lesson. My companions just gave great sweet testimonies and I just taught.  It'll be interesting to see what happens because they go to church today and tomorrow so we can't stop by their house. We were working in a poorer part this week, and there are SO many inactive members there. 15 out of the first 17 people we talked to were members. The problem is that it is very far away from the chapel, it is a long way to walk, and they just don't have money. With us walking very fast it would be about 30 minutes from the church to the neighborhood... like an hour for them.
Please pray for Maria and her family. She is an investigator that has known missionaries since the earthquake. Her husband was baptized years ago, but isn't very strong in the church. Maria is the one that runs the family. She is dark skinned, short, heavy and stubborn... a strong woman. We are trying to help her entire family. She is not a member, nor is her daughter Lesly. We painted their house the other day.
I love you all. Please PLEASE tell the Clark family thank you for the letters and Tie... I want to write back Jax and Addy and Cole and Ellie but I wasn't able to today. This letter is short... there are a lot of people I would like to write, but I can't!!! ha I love you, have a great time.


Elder Pitcher

Feb. 26, 2011

Hey family!!
Thanks so much for your letters. I am doing great here. Things have been crazy and they aren't going to be slowing down. It all started on Tuesday when 7 missionaries went home and 15 came... that was crazy. We spent two nights in Talca this week, working in areas such as San Javier, Constitucion, Talca and such. I am in a trio; Elder Pitcher, Elder Garcia and Elder Keller. Elder Garcia is from Ecuador. I love them both, they are so awesome. I never wanted to be in a trio on my mission, but I'm glad to be with them because they are incredible. We have plans to do a lot. Elder Garcia goes home the same time I do in May. Right now we have to go to Constitucion again because the chapel was just finished and we are going to be having an open house. We will go with the president and the entire Talca Centro zone will be there. 
I'm excited for Erynn to give a talk. Compassion to me and my companions is a sincere concern for other people. Worrying about how they are. Love and understanding. Feeling pain for the suffering of others. That is what we think. Christ and His Atonement would be the best example of that. 
Thanks to everyone. I love you all....

Feb. 12, 2011

Did I feel the earthquake? You better believe I felt the earth quake, the epicenter was like 20 miles from here... in places like Talca it wasn't as strong, but it was strong here. We were just leaving the office and we were two levels below ground getting the truck when it started to shake... it stared and my companion was like "wow this is big" and I thought "no its not that big" but then it got bigger and bigger. I was right there getting into the truck, my comp who was just about to get into the truck left the door open and was now in between the truck and the path to the stairs slash elevator going upstairs. He was there yelling "¿que hacemos... subimos o vamos? subimos o vamos?" basically like what do we do... should we go upstairs or should we just get out of here? I was just about ready to lay flat on the floor next to the truck because in the big earthquake lots of the building that fell compacted down, but stopped because of the tires and shocks and wheels on the cars (looking back... I don't think our little ranger would be able to support the 11 stories that were above us) Then all the lights went out and it was black. My companion had the cell fone so he took it out and we went to the stairs. Everyone was coming down, but we were going back up to the office to see how the two elders were that were up there. There was no light in the stair well so everyone was freaking and my comp was showing them the way with the cell. After we didn't have phone coverage, we got home and some boxes and bottles had fallen and broken. But honestly, earthquakes are really fun to be in (except for the damage). Every time it shakes we look at each other and start to laugh. The only scary thing is when you're below a 11 story building.
Things are going good here. It's raining right and and kind of chilly, but that's ok.  It has been a good week.
So I'll tell you right off the bat, today we went bowling at the mall and there was a song playing and guess what/who I thought about.... Cpitch and Matty A driving about to Devil's Gate in the Maxima because when you got there you told me that's what you were listening too. Wow, I love you guys so much... give Matt a hug for me. I miss him.
 On Sunday we ate with the Fischbecks (senior couple) because it was her birthday on Saturday. She made a cob salad for lunch and afterward strawberry shortcake... good American food.
On Monday we went to a pizza place for lunch. Then I went to the dentist, not the best birthday gift but good news... no cavity! According to what he told me, the enamel had just gone away and because of that it was hurting. So he fixed it. Then in the afternoon we had a family at the bishop's house with some members and some new converts and Christian. It was good. The best part is that people called me to wish happy birthday. Adela called from Chillan. She called the president to get my number. Then people called from Talca, a group of like 11 people mas o menos. That was really neat.
Tuesday we were in Chillan for a training. We taught and talked about a lot of things with the zones of Chillan and Ñuble. Then after that we went out and worked with the zone leaders for the rest of the day. On Thursday we were back up in Curicó working with that zone. That is about a three hour drive.
Friday we were going to work with some sister missionaries in Santa Sabina. It is here in Concepcion. We were going to go with the zone leaders and then do splits, one ZL and one of us with a companionship of sister and then the same with another companion ship, but the earthquake didn't really let that happen.
I love having the assignment I have because we can do whatever we feel will help the mission. We can go and help whatever missionaries or companionships we feel like we could help or that the president wants us to help. We get to go and work with them, and we get to know them and love them. I also love traveling in the car with my companion, He is an awesome guy. I feel so lucky because with every companion there is just something that I will remember about that companionship... that usually happens with all missionaries and I think it's really cool.
Here's a photo from Christian's baptism

Feb. 5th, 2011

Hey... sorry I don't have any time so I figured I would just send some pictures...
The waterfall pictures are from today.
 This is from a training we did.

 This a little market place we went to that had stuff from all around the world... honestly I didn't buy anything... I wish I would have....

Cristain Lagos is getting baptized tomorrow!!!!!!! He passed his interview with flying colors... He has already taken the big earring out of the ear, the big gauge he had there....sorry, you'll never see any foto of him with the earring, only of the new Cristian :)

Jan. 29, 2011

Good day to everyone.
I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here. I love Chile. More than Chile, I love the people I have met here. I love everything about this mission. Not so much the place or the cities, but truly the people. And not only the Chileans, but missionaries. The missionaries of this mission are absolutely incredible. They are awesome. I think the first person I would have to thank for that would be President Chavez. That man is amazing. He was truly inspired in everything he did here. Now President Humphrey is taking the baton forward. Another thing that is happening is that as I get to know President Humphrey more and more I see him more and more as the President that he is. I always thought that would be different, like as I got to know him more as a normal person, but that really hasn't happened. I have seen him more and more as the President literally called by revelation to lead this mission. I guess you could say my 'testimony' of him has grown. I have learned to trust every decision he takes.
This week was good... it went by very VERY fast because we were out of town all week. Tuesday morning we woke up early and went up to Talca. There we did a training with the Talca centro Zona and the Curico zone. After that, we did a minicambio for the rest of the night.  Elder Mcdonald and I went out to Constitucion, which is a sector with 4 sister missionaries and is right on the beach, a lot like Tomé. There we taught some people, first we went to a house of a man who was having problems with keeping some commandments and when Sister Enders and Sister Hardy told him we had come to talk to him, he said 'He is 20 years old, he might know more about the church than me, but he can't help me with life issues'.... plop....we didn't get to help him too much.. After that we went down to the beach (it was already 9:40) and the other sisters were there with two people that needed interviews. We began to give them interviews right there... that beach is absolutely beautiful.
Wednesday we were in Linares with Parral and Talca. Afterwards we made some other visits and I learned a lot about the importance of humility.
Honestly... It was a great week. I love being here. 
I love you all. Thanks for everything. I hope you have a great week. I would like to know if you are coming down to get me.
Love... Elder Pitcher.

Jan. 14, 2011

So this week has been good. We have done lots of things. This last Tuesday the cambios happened. Not only that, but we took the missionaries that were going home to the airport. That is so sad when that happens. I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time, however, I was talking to a sister missionary who was waiting for her parents and I said something about the sick feeling and she said, 'I always had that sick feeling too. Even two weeks ago I had that sick feeling when I thought about going home, but now, I am very calm."  On Wednesday we were up in Parral and Linares. We went to their Zone class and after we went to lunch. We ate at a place called Bakán. (Bah-cahn) Bakán in Chilean means cool. Oh my, they gave us so much food and it was so greasy and fatty. We shared a huge plate that starts with fries on the bottom, and then had chopped fried meat with fried onions, topped with 4 fried eggs!  Needless to say, we didn't finish it. After that we worked with a trio of sister missionaries for some hours, and then we left and met up with the zone leaders and went to do some interviews. The lessons with the sisters were so awesome. There was one when we were teaching a woman that is about 37. The sisters were teaching when the lady started to tell us about a lot of problems and things that have happened in her life, including how she was a big time drug addict and how she felt that she couldn't be forgiven. Then one of the sisters was relating some personal experiences and she bore her testimony that through Christ anyone can receive the cleansing of their sins. Honestly, my companion and I just sat there... we didn't even teach... it was an incredibly strong experience, and one that may have changed that investigator's life forever. It was very neat to be able to feel the power in the words from that sister missionary. It was neat to feel the truthfulness as well.
After that I interviewed an 18 year old girl. She is being taught by her 1st cousin, whom she never even knew, who is from the States. How crazy would that be to be called to a mission where there were first cousins, then going to teach them? However, the interview I did was interesting. I was talking with her, and she told me she wasn't sure if Joseph Smith was a prophet. She told me she wasn't sure the Book of Mormon was true, because that would mean she would accept Joseph Smith. But she said she didn't know if she wanted to get baptized because she wasn't sure if he was a prophet. We talked about that for some time, and then I asked her "what is the real problem?" She looked at me for some time, then she started to talk, then she started to cry. She told me about how she has seen and heard what the people think about the Mormons. She listens to the things people yell at us in the street. She knows what her friends think about Mormons. She said, "I don't know if I can take all that." After listening to her say all that, and feeling her sincerity, I just felt sad. No, I think more than that I felt love for her, because I saw that she wanted to follow Christ, but that she lacked the faith to do it. We talked about Christ; we talked about what He went through and what He did. What mockery He supported and why He did it.
I admire and look up to those who give all to follow Christ. I even think of some of the other converts I have had, actually all of them, and the things they went through before their baptism, and how much faith in Christ they have shown. I am grateful for them, and I love them.
We stayed that night in Parral......... We had a 6 hour meeting in the Mission President's house yesterday. We are going to train the zone leaders on Monday and Tuesday, but we are changing some things. We are not inventing anything new, it is all from Preach My Gospel, but we are hitting home on some things. We also revised the rules of the mission that have been here for several years. After changing some, after taking some away and listening to 'well that rule was for ten years ago' and 'that just doesn't make sense in my head' I know how the Bible was so easily changed - ha.

i love you all