March 19, 2011

Hey there!
Thanks for the letters, I'm glad everyone is well. It's been a long week, but it passed so fast. Yesterday I went to bed absolutely exhausted. We interviewed 6 zones this last week. When the president interviews a zone, we start with a short message from him. He talks for like 30 minutes mas o menos and then we split. Elder Keller or Hermana Humphrey always did the next part, and after that we split into groups and started doing stuff. Sister Humphrey and Elder Keller and Elder Garcia worked with every companionship individually about teaching and I talked with every companionship about some things. It went well, but honestly, it was tiring... however I love how I know every single missionary in this mission. I know them all well. I love them all.
Thank you so much for your prayers... we are seeing changes in Maria!!!! Thank you so much. She was at church on Sunday with her family. Cristian Lagos, the man that was baptized a month ago, is passing through some big trials. Pray for him. Pray for Maria. Pray that we can find more people.
Today is Elder Reed's and Elder Garcia's birthday! Elder Garcia 26, Elder Reed 20.
While we were in Chillan last Tuesday I drove way way way out into the country on some dirt road to interview some kids for a baptism. They basically live in a cabin that hasn't been finished and there are gaps in the walls and I'm sure its freezing in the winter time. On the way back to Concepcion, we were listening to the Called To Serve MoTab album. I love the line of the Spirit of God that says 'And Ephraim be crowned with its blessing in Zion and Jesus descends in His Chariot of Fire.' I feel so lucky to be able to be His missionary. To be able to serve Him. I love what I'm doing. I can´t wait till He comes. I Love being a missionary.

Hey I got a box from the O'Neals.... Whit, Ash and Aunty El. Thank you so much. I'm eating some Dove chocolate right now :)

Love Elder Pitcher