Recent press release

The following is a link to the press release in the Church News.


We just made telephone contact with Church Administration in SLC.

They were able to confirm that all missionaries in the Concepcion mission are safe and accounted for!

What a relief.
Happy tears.

The Church will issue a press release as soon as the final mission, the Concepcion South mission, is accounted for.

February 27, 2010 - 8.8 Earthquake Rocks Chile!

Nate is currently serving in the city of Tome - about 10 miles north of Concepcion, and 50 miles from the epicenter.  This city is right on the ocean, although we have been told that his sector is approximately 4 miles inland and 'up in the hills'.  Hopefully this will be to his advantage.

We have a telephone # to Church Administration that we will be able to call at 9:00 AM MST.

So far we have been told that all missionaries EXCEPT those in Concepcion and Concepcion South have been accounted for.  This is due to no phone service in these areas.

As soon as we have information we will post an update.

February 22, 2010

 Another week has come and gone... I can’t believe it. I love it here. I love my friends. The Army of Helaman newsletter this week was so awesome. They are all so amazing -- Just awesome. I love my family so much. This week I got the little box from parents and the big box from Megan. That was so awesome thank you so, so much. Here in Tome I can basically get packages as soon as they get to Chile. I love Chile... I also am so proud to be an American... I may have eaten sea food, but maybe not. I don’t think I have.

We have some investigators right now. There honestly weren’t any investigators when I got here. I shouldn’t say that. They had one and we are still visiting her. She actually has a baptismal date for this week but she isn’t ready. Her name is Claudia. She is timid, she has a couple kids, but I don’t know what desires she has.... we just have to help her see the big picture. We have some other investigators too, but no one that is set on baptism. We have found some really, really good teenagers. We will start to baptize in March.

This last Thursday we went to Concepcion for the conference. It was an incredible conference. President Chavez is amazing. Oh, I gave a talk (wow that was only 4 days ago... it seems like 2 months ago) For every conference you have to prepare a talk and then he calls on two people. He called some sister missionary and then me. I talked... I honestly wish I could give a longer talk to all the missionaries, but it was just like a 5 minuter.

Yesterday some members were here from Chillan and they came and said hi to us. They say that some people miss me. That’s nice to know they haven’t forgotten about me yet. Actually today Adela, Oscar and family are coming here to vacation / see me.
Oh yea, I gave a talk yesterday in church. Elder Keller talked about the atonement and I was going to talk about repentance but Elder Keller talked for a long time (did very, very well) and so I didn’t speak for that long... probably only 8 minutes. I talked about the atonement, and keeping the commandments and repentance. I love giving talks.

Ok... I’ve got to write a letter to President Chavez... Love you all.
 Today we went to the beach... it was pretty cool. We went to this place that no one goes to... there is also this old war base there - it was ‘Call of Duty’ style... thick, thick cement. Underneath was PITCH black with BATS!!! It was fun... we had a lot of fun with them.

Love you all - have a good week. Peace.

February 15, 2010

Good Morning America

So here I am in Tome. I'm close to the ocean right now because we came down off the hill to use the internet. There are 3 wards in Tome... well, two wards and one branch. We are in the branch. The other two wards actually have the beach in their sector, we don't.  We are in the hills about 1 or 2 miles from the beach. The hills... oh the hills.... we have some pretty good hills in this sector. Garfield is a little kitty compared to some of these big cats. We don't have beach, but we have some incredible views.  Because we are in the hills we can see the entire city and the ocean at the same time... its pretty awesome. This city has the ocean atmosphere and lots of seagulls and smells of ocean / seafood. (I still haven't eaten any seafood) Because we are on the ocean it is a lot cooler here. There is always a breeze and it actually gets kind of chilly at night before we enter the house. We live in a condo that is very simple, but definitely big enough. Our door is broken and so we can't lock it, but we put on the lock anyway just so it looks like it is locked. The owner said he was going to fix it, but so far he's been all talk.  I'm not worried, it's very tranquil here.  In Chillan all the houses had bars on the windows, probably 90%... aqui only 10% have bars on the windows, maybe less.

My companion is awesome. Elder Keller from California. He has two transfers here in Chile, but he already speaks perfect Spanish. He said a lot of his friends were Mexicans and so he came here already speaking. He is honestly a stud. He is SO humble, so patient, and so nice.  He's a big guy... 6'1" 195ish... He has the body of a strong safety that would light you up coming across the middle (every time I look at him that's what I think) however he played soccer and baseball. He is a mix of Mr incredible/Krunk (from the Emperor's New Groove) and Zac Efron from High School musical.  (Zac Efron for his looks ;)) Oh ha ha a couple of nights ago we were running home to get in the house on time and he ate it pretty hard... face full of Chilean dirt / concrete.... ha ha luckily he's an athlete so he caught himself and didn't get hurt.

Ahora... La obra....... Frutillares is a branch of 215 members, 60 (mas o menos) attend church every Sunday. Not bad for Chile. It does NOT have many houses, but its more spread out with hills. Don't be mistaken... it still has houses, just not as many as Chillan. It has kind of been down in animo for a while, but oh my how things can change in one week.  Long story short, we set some goals of 40 baptisms on the year, 40 re-activations and an attendance of 120 by the end of the year (Just so you know, last year Coyquen baptized the most people in the stake... there were 27)  I remember when I told you guys that we would baptize hundreds down here and I'm still convinced it will happen... 40 baptisms will be surpassed SO QUICKLY if this plan works.

Oh, it was cool because the hermana Dorqua Torres knows a lot of people here in Tome and she actually called before I got here and told everyone about me.  I don't know what she said, but I hope it was good.

I don't think they understand what "Nuts 4 Nuts" means... I think they figure a higher number would mean better nuts...

February 8, 2010

Hello everybody

It was a good week... we got the transfers today and I'm leaving Chillan.  I don't want to go, but I know it's the best thing.  I couldn't have asked to be sent out in a better way.  Yesterday we had a big lunch behind our house... there were five families there.  We had a huge BBQ and one of the hermanas made a nice cake.  It was so awesome.  I was even lucky enough to receive some gifts.  They have some weird traditions here for birthdays...some that I won't tell you about. It was a party ha.  And the hermana that made the cake for me is going to give me her recipe for the empanadas she makes... I guess that's a really big deal.  They told me she hasn't given it to anyone in about 5 years.  I love this ward so much... so much.  I love these people.  I know this is the best ward I could have come to.  I realize that I will like my next places, but I know nothing will have my heart like this place.

Anywho... the party was for lunch. We then went out to work for a couple hours. We had a video in the church for members, investigators and new converts.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie and it was awesome - just like always.  We made it very spiritual... people came in their formal clothes. After the movie lots of people gave their was so awesome.  Afterward there was a big surprise that 5 other hermanas did and they pulled out a bunch of cake they had made for my birthday and sang Happy Birthday and stuff.  Honestly, it was one of my best birthdays I've ever had. I can't complain about one thing. I didn't even get upset when Elder Poma smashed an egg on my head at 7:30 in the morning (oh yes he did).  

Yesterday it rained a lot in the morning and so the church attendance went from 130 to 90 and we only had 3 investigators in the church.  Santiago came. On Saturday night I taught him with the first counselor in the bishopric. It was a good lessons. It's hard because he has so many doubts, but he's moving along.  I hope Elder Higham can help him get over all of his doubts... I truly believe he will do it.  Right after we taught Santiago (we taught him at the church) we went to another appointment.  It was raining hard at this time and I didn't have an umbrella and the first counselor didn't either (he was in his suit) but we taught this kid named Christobel.  This kid is a miracle.  I could tell you a long long story about how we met him, but basically it's that I contacted his mom a LONG time ago in the street. She is very, very religious and didn't want anything, but she gave us her address.  One day we entered their house and were teaching their 28 year old son when this kid appears from the back room. He's got long black hair, 17 years old, and has an earring in his right ear.  He asks us if we want juice then he gives us some and sits down and we teach him.  He believes in God a ton, but not in the churches.  So we taught him a lot and the spirit was strong and remember when I told you how awesome it was after I taught Oscar the first time... well, it was almost the same.  He accepted a baptism date for the 28th of this month... and so that all happened on Monday.  We taught him about the Book of Mormon on Thursday... We then go back on Saturday and he had read a ton in the Book of Mormon and he asked us some questions that were just like WOW!!! He still has some doubts and questions, but he is doing amazing.  But on Saturday I said, "You already told us you'll get baptized when you feel these things are true, but I want to know if you'll serve a mission like us?" (because he was saying about how incredible it is that not everyone has these things... they have like a library in their house... I wish you could hear some of the questions he asked... he asked some about the Masons... not because he went on the internet but because he was reading about them in his house along with the Book of Mormon) Needless to say he accepted and he said, "I'm just going to do what God wants me to do."  On the way home it was raining hard and Michael (the 1st counselor) was like, "Wow! He's awesome he'll get baptized and serve his mission and the shame is that you won't be here to see him get baptized... ha".  He got a good laugh out of that.  So pray for Chirstobel that he feels and knows the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph was a prophet. The thing is with him being a convert we... or I should say they (the other missionaries) well teach the mom and dad more and they will be baptized too!!!
So while all this was happening Elder Higham was with hermano Jose Candia teaching some people... he taught the plan of salvation to a mom and her two daughters and son.  We have been teaching them for a long time (well a month) and it went really really well and they are getting so close to baptism also.  The two daughters came to church yesterday even though it was raining really hard. 

So I'm going to the zone of Penco and the sector of Frutillares... I've heard it is a branch of about 75 people.  Patricio told me that it is poorer down there... its on the beach and everyone is a fisherman for a living.  He said there are a ton of hills and I will die walking up all of them.

February 1, 2010

Hello everybody...

Thanks for your emails... everyone sounds great.  I was laughing hard at every single one of them ha ha ha I was actually crying because we are in this internet place so I didn't really want to laugh, but I couldn't control it so I was bouncin' up and down in my seat and my companion was just wondering why I'm so weird. 

It was another good week... I don't feel like it was quite as productive, but we are trying.  We had two people 'pass' baptismal interviews buuuuuuttttt...... one of them is living together without being married and the other is a girl of 16 years and she wants the support of her mom.  The thing is... she didn't come to church yesterday, actually yesterday we only had one investigator in church. We went out and looked for four investigators, (a kid named Diego that is 17 and a family of Walter, Alejandra and Camila) they live about 15 minute walk from the church and we went to get them, but no one answered their door.  We ended up just walking to church with Rodrigo... he's a stud.  He told us that he FINALLY finished the Book of Mormon (he was baptized a month ago) and he's like I'm so excited for how much more I'll learn this time I read it :) :) :) :) :) yes, I was happy.  I hope he serves a mission. We have to help him, but I think he could.  I actually think that he and Paulina could serve missions. That would be incredible if next December they both leave on missions.  AAAHHH, I would die.  Adela said that Paulina is doing great in Santiago and that she loves her ward there.  Rodrigo also passed the sacrament yesterday and Oscar said the closing prayer.  We passed by Santiago on Saturday and who knows how he´s doing.. that sucker... we need to help him out a little bit but I don't know how.

Its crazy that next Sunday is my birthday.  I can't believe I left home about 9 months ago.  I wish I spoke Spanish better. I have a limited vocab and it just bothers me. I honestly thought I would be fluent by now, but I'm not even close to that.  I want to thank you guys for your prayers though because every time I've asked for your help in that I swear the next day there is a huge difference.  It's a good testimony of the power of prayer.

This is the last week of the transfers (is that the word?) and I can't believe it... time flies.  I don't know if I'll change or not.  I want to change just because I know I am going to have to change at some point, but I don't want to change because I LOVE it here. I almost have half my mission here.  It's weird though because I have felt that I would be put into sectors for one or two transfers and that's it and so I think that will happen.... after I leave from here I think I'll be in and out of sectors way fast.  I'm scared to leave... well, not scared, but I don't want to leave.  I love it here too much.  I like my companion a lot, too.  We don't teach very well yet, but we get along very well and I really learn from him.

 Life is good... I love it.  I've been so blessed with everything.

Love you all... peace and take care much