February 1, 2010

Hello everybody...

Thanks for your emails... everyone sounds great.  I was laughing hard at every single one of them ha ha ha I was actually crying because we are in this internet place so I didn't really want to laugh, but I couldn't control it so I was bouncin' up and down in my seat and my companion was just wondering why I'm so weird. 

It was another good week... I don't feel like it was quite as productive, but we are trying.  We had two people 'pass' baptismal interviews buuuuuuttttt...... one of them is living together without being married and the other is a girl of 16 years and she wants the support of her mom.  The thing is... she didn't come to church yesterday, actually yesterday we only had one investigator in church. We went out and looked for four investigators, (a kid named Diego that is 17 and a family of Walter, Alejandra and Camila) they live about 15 minute walk from the church and we went to get them, but no one answered their door.  We ended up just walking to church with Rodrigo... he's a stud.  He told us that he FINALLY finished the Book of Mormon (he was baptized a month ago) and he's like I'm so excited for how much more I'll learn this time I read it :) :) :) :) :) yes, I was happy.  I hope he serves a mission. We have to help him, but I think he could.  I actually think that he and Paulina could serve missions. That would be incredible if next December they both leave on missions.  AAAHHH, I would die.  Adela said that Paulina is doing great in Santiago and that she loves her ward there.  Rodrigo also passed the sacrament yesterday and Oscar said the closing prayer.  We passed by Santiago on Saturday and who knows how he´s doing.. that sucker... we need to help him out a little bit but I don't know how.

Its crazy that next Sunday is my birthday.  I can't believe I left home about 9 months ago.  I wish I spoke Spanish better. I have a limited vocab and it just bothers me. I honestly thought I would be fluent by now, but I'm not even close to that.  I want to thank you guys for your prayers though because every time I've asked for your help in that I swear the next day there is a huge difference.  It's a good testimony of the power of prayer.

This is the last week of the transfers (is that the word?) and I can't believe it... time flies.  I don't know if I'll change or not.  I want to change just because I know I am going to have to change at some point, but I don't want to change because I LOVE it here. I almost have half my mission here.  It's weird though because I have felt that I would be put into sectors for one or two transfers and that's it and so I think that will happen.... after I leave from here I think I'll be in and out of sectors way fast.  I'm scared to leave... well, not scared, but I don't want to leave.  I love it here too much.  I like my companion a lot, too.  We don't teach very well yet, but we get along very well and I really learn from him.

 Life is good... I love it.  I've been so blessed with everything.

Love you all... peace and take care much