February 22, 2010

 Another week has come and gone... I can’t believe it. I love it here. I love my friends. The Army of Helaman newsletter this week was so awesome. They are all so amazing -- Just awesome. I love my family so much. This week I got the little box from parents and the big box from Megan. That was so awesome thank you so, so much. Here in Tome I can basically get packages as soon as they get to Chile. I love Chile... I also am so proud to be an American... I may have eaten sea food, but maybe not. I don’t think I have.

We have some investigators right now. There honestly weren’t any investigators when I got here. I shouldn’t say that. They had one and we are still visiting her. She actually has a baptismal date for this week but she isn’t ready. Her name is Claudia. She is timid, she has a couple kids, but I don’t know what desires she has.... we just have to help her see the big picture. We have some other investigators too, but no one that is set on baptism. We have found some really, really good teenagers. We will start to baptize in March.

This last Thursday we went to Concepcion for the conference. It was an incredible conference. President Chavez is amazing. Oh, I gave a talk (wow that was only 4 days ago... it seems like 2 months ago) For every conference you have to prepare a talk and then he calls on two people. He called some sister missionary and then me. I talked... I honestly wish I could give a longer talk to all the missionaries, but it was just like a 5 minuter.

Yesterday some members were here from Chillan and they came and said hi to us. They say that some people miss me. That’s nice to know they haven’t forgotten about me yet. Actually today Adela, Oscar and family are coming here to vacation / see me.
Oh yea, I gave a talk yesterday in church. Elder Keller talked about the atonement and I was going to talk about repentance but Elder Keller talked for a long time (did very, very well) and so I didn’t speak for that long... probably only 8 minutes. I talked about the atonement, and keeping the commandments and repentance. I love giving talks.

Ok... I’ve got to write a letter to President Chavez... Love you all.
 Today we went to the beach... it was pretty cool. We went to this place that no one goes to... there is also this old war base there - it was ‘Call of Duty’ style... thick, thick cement. Underneath was PITCH black with BATS!!! It was fun... we had a lot of fun with them.

Love you all - have a good week. Peace.