Feb. 26, 2011

Hey family!!
Thanks so much for your letters. I am doing great here. Things have been crazy and they aren't going to be slowing down. It all started on Tuesday when 7 missionaries went home and 15 came... that was crazy. We spent two nights in Talca this week, working in areas such as San Javier, Constitucion, Talca and such. I am in a trio; Elder Pitcher, Elder Garcia and Elder Keller. Elder Garcia is from Ecuador. I love them both, they are so awesome. I never wanted to be in a trio on my mission, but I'm glad to be with them because they are incredible. We have plans to do a lot. Elder Garcia goes home the same time I do in May. Right now we have to go to Constitucion again because the chapel was just finished and we are going to be having an open house. We will go with the president and the entire Talca Centro zone will be there. 
I'm excited for Erynn to give a talk. Compassion to me and my companions is a sincere concern for other people. Worrying about how they are. Love and understanding. Feeling pain for the suffering of others. That is what we think. Christ and His Atonement would be the best example of that. 
Thanks to everyone. I love you all....