April 12, 2010

Good morning to everybody!

I'm in Concepción again today. Its a brisk day, fall is coming. These are fun times because if one of us is cold, we both need to wear a jacket, and if one of us is hot, we both don't wear jackets. The rain hasn't started, but its on the verge of busting out. There have been a couple days were its doing the classic Chilean 'its not raining but its not not raining' That's a lot nicer than the rain though, so I'll enjoy the 99.9 % humidity while we have it.
I can't believe another week has come and gone, it goes by too fast. Yesterday we had a record number of people in the church, 95. Five investigators came, but not really the five we were expecting.

I love being here. I feel like I haven't done to much here in Tomé yet. We are still trying our hardest to learn how to work efficiently. Little by little... we actually have a little army here. Our ward missionaries. Since the earthquake things have been crazy, but now we are going to be meeting every Friday.  One of the missionaries, Mabel, is amazing. After the earthquake our street,... a dead end passage, all got together to cook and stuff outside. She was preaching there. She was praying and everything. She talked about Joseph Smith and who he was. Then found out that 2 months ago one of her neighbors had a dream where she was in a grocery store and a man came to her and said buy lots and lots of bread. She asked 'who are you?' The figure responded 'Joseph Smith' She said he had beautiful white long hands. (I don't know if he really did our not) We passed by for them the other day, they are Scared To Death because they know what we are telling them is true. They are so scared because it means change. They are scared because they don't know what its going to mean for them. We have only been able to meet with them one time. They are a little bit older, and they are nice.

I love being here. I was thinking the other day and I can see changes in myself. Two of the biggest changes I thought of were 1- Maturity level 2 - Testimony of Christ. He lives. For a long time I heard people say that but I didn't truly understand what it meant. Now, I understand a little better what it means, but I know that its true. He Lives! This is His work. I am His servant. He is my master.

Con mucho amor
Elder Nathan C Pitcher

Before and after pictures of Dichato.