March 22, 2010

Family, friends, and conocidos
(I can’t remember that word-its like people you know but you’re not really friends)

Things are going here in Tomé. Today we got the calls for transfers. Frutichato (Frutillares + Dichato) is staying the way we are. I’m very glad. I didn’t want a new companion; I wanted to stay with Elder Keller.

So we went to Dichato a couple times this week to work. The people are living in a campsite basically. One day we went out there with Pres Chavez and Hna Chavez and a lot of the missionaries from the zone of Penco. I missed three people very bad that day... Dad, Matt, and Grandpa.I missed Grandpa a lot because there were two senior missionaries working with us... we were constructing a bathroom for some people and the two old guys kind of took over. They were funny and they knew what they were doing, but grandpa is way funnier and he probably would have done it better then how they do it. I was thinking about gramps all day though. That was a fun day. There were a lot of laughs as we were working. Oh and one of the assistants broke a pipe to a shower that they made in the camp.... it was just funny with the old guys yelling and telling jokes and trying to communicate to the Latins and everything. That day I was just doing as I was told all day, but then the next day we went back out again, but not so many people, and different people went. We have been cutting down trees trying to get some roofs above some of the tents the members have... the church gave us a lot of tarps... think Dusty’s Kennel but on a HUGE scale. Plus it rains a lot harder here and the wind blows way hard, and we are trying to protect women and children... not Dusty (Dusty was a beast... he didn’t need protection... do you remember the size of his paws?!?!?!?!?!?)

One of the days this last week the church news was here... I guess they were doing a tour from Santiago to Concepción, taking damage and all that stuff... they filmed us doing some things then ended up interviewing us... the four from Frutichato. I don’t know what will happen with it. I basically testified we are lead by a prophet. I don’t even remember what I told them more.

I am very excited for General Conference in a couple weeks :) Right now, in this moment, we have a ton of investigators that are kind of at a stand still. This next Sunday we are baptizing two kids from a family we are reactivating - Danilo, a 12-year-old boy and Constanza his 9-year-old sister. I like them - I really like their family. They are a good family. The dad reminds me a lot of Uncle Adam. I swear they even look alike in a really, really weird way.

I love teaching teenagers because a lot of them have sincere desires. They won’t freak out because they already have their religion, but they are searching for the real one. We are teaching a lot - Ivan and John (I hope Ivan goes on a mission) Javiera and Juan (boyfriend girlfriend) Neftalí y Isaac (cousins) and even more than that. There is so much potential here for the church to grow. I honestly see Chile becoming like Utah... members on every street and block. I’m excited for that day. I’m also excited for the temple... that will help them so much. I love being here...

Cleaning up in Dichato