November 28

Hello Family, Friends and Associates

I would like to start this letter by saying I love life. I love everything about it. I love that fact that I have a headache right now. I love the fact (Nate's cousin) Vince picked up Derek (Danklef. A friend of Nate's when he arrived in the Houston, Texas mission). I love the fact BYU beat Utah. I love that Elder Poma and I had to search for an Internet cafe for an hour and spend 700 extra pesos each to find one. I Love that I'm in Chile. I love that my grandparents are doing well. I love that I've got the coolest friends in the world and I love the American Fork 31st ward... Honestly, I love every member of that ward. EVERYONE. I love that I have the best family in the world. I just love life.

So serving a mission for the Lord is just great. It's amazing to see miracles everyday. Where should I start? I can start a week ago. We were having a family night with a lot of the converts and an investigator (Paulina from Santiago) and we were talking to Adela. She said that Oscar still hadn't left for work, but he was home alone. She also said that he said that if he can give up smoking he was going to get baptized. We left the family night and went and shared with him. We taught him more about the Book of Mormon.... he left the next morning early..... Fast forward to Saturday..... We had an activity in the church, basically a family night, but with anyone from the ward that wanted to come. We had 5 or so investigators attend the activity. As we were walking home with the Hidalgo family (Oscar) we told him that we couldn't go to his house because it was too late. He then said 'well how am I going to prepare to be baptized?' Ha you should have seen him. For the whole night he was like a different man. We passed by their house on Sunday and we were talking with him. He went from smoking 25 cigarettes a day to 3 and he's going to kick them this week. I asked him if he read the chapters in the BofM that we left him. He said no, but said 'but I read Nephi to chapter 20'. Now I ask you faithful members of the church... how many of you read 20 chapters in the Book of Mormon this week? ;) :):):):) We were so happy!! He said his friends at work call him carlosbiblia which is like Bible Charles at his work because they all smoke and drink at lunch and he just sits there and reads his 'bible'. Anywho, he isn't going to get baptized this Sunday... rather he and Paulina are going to get baptized the 20th.
Paulina is awesome too. You should see her study journal she has of the Book of Mormon. Pages and pages...

Yesterday at church we had 10 investigators which is actually a pretty big feat here. I was so anxious trying to help everyone, but it was incredible. Its just a miracle that everything worked. Honestly... Its like Heavenly father just watches us running around... doing our best and right when we don't know what were going to do it's like he smiles and says 'you've tried your best... now let me do it for you' (there's actually a quote from my boy Elder Holland on that).
Oh and I'm very happy to say that we have 3 complete families with a temple date :) Family Rebolledo, Family Alarcon, Family Hidalgo (Oscar)

This Sunday we have stake conference. We should have two baptisms. One kid named Rodrigo who's 21. He lives alone. He's awesome. I love teaching there because its just quite and the spirit is always SO strong. Also a kid named Matias. He is ready to be baptized... he's just scared of water so well see what happens.

This Wednesday we have interviews with the president. I love President Chavez, absolutely love him. I think he is one of the most amazing people in the world. I didn't even know Thursday was Thanksgiving until the President said something while we were in conference. He said "I know today is an important day for the North Americans"... he got us all excited talking about turkey then he said... "we are going to eat the turkey's cousin"... chicken and rice... it's the same thing we eat EVERY TIME ha ha ha.

I love teaching people... especially teaching in the church. I love teaching something in 10 minutes... something short... simple... that will change you, whether you're a member or not. I just love teaching.

Oh, Elder Bravo gave me his rain boots :) I didn't get to see him though.. I sure hope I get to see him before he leaves.

Yes, I have played the guitar here... but I honestly haven't heard many 'Chilean' songs on the guitar. You'd think there would be a style like in Mexico or something, but no. Its all American. Its all Metallica or punk rock or something like that. Once I find someone that plays Chilean, I'll learn it.

I have to tell you about this one thing... it was SOOO funny. Jackelyn Baldevinito. She is a member who's been inactive for some time. She's just this short, fat, sweet lady. She made some pan and gave it too me and I said, "Oh, I love the bread here." She asked if it's different in the USA and I said I don't know, here it's just so heavy and soft and good and she got all excited and said,"I know. That is why there are so many fat Chileans." ha ha ha h ha ha ha. That doesn't even sound funny, but it was hilarious.

Oh Cpitch I've looked for rats in a restaurant today... didn't see any but I think its 'cause of the cat that was prowling around.

I love you all