December 14


Everyone sounds like they are doing well.  It’s weird to think that it’s Christmas, its weirder to think that you guys are cold. It is hot here.  Today we did a zone activity.  The zone leaders talked to the grounds crew of some soccer stadium and they let us have it for a couple hours.  We can’t play soccer here because some missionary had an accident, but we played kickball and some other games.  Like 2nd grade games ha you’d laugh if you knew what we played. We then had sandwiches but they weren’t your normal Chileno style... they were American style and I would like to tell you that never in my life has cheese, ham, mayo, mustard, lettuce, and sliced (yes... sliced bread from a bag) tasted so good. It reminded me a lot of Lake Powell.  Then it reminded me a lot about baseball.  I miss baseball so much.

This week went good... I honestly can’t remember what happened... umm.... some funny things happened but I honestly can’t remember.

On Saturday we did a division with a couple of priesthood holders and I went to Santiago’s house with a 23-year-old returned missionary.  We taught a good lesson.  

We have some great investigators right now that are old in age. That is really weird because usually the old people don’t listen at all, but we have 2 great ones.  One is an absolute miracle because she has tried to go to a lot of churches before but her husband has stopped her and not allowed her but for some reason this time he is letting her go.  He doesn’t know anything about us and doesn’t want anything with us, but he’s supporting her.  We have another old guy that is awesome.  He’s had some weird thoughts and dreams and stuff and he says even when he prays he cant get them out of his head but then we taught him how to pray correctly and the next day he was so pumped.

The bugs are coming more and more... I think the fleas are sneaky cause I honestly haven’t seen any but I think I have been bitten a lot.... key word... think.... maybe I just have allergies ha. Every night we get mosquitoes and this other really small fly bouncing around on the ceiling in our house.  I remember one time in particular when I was trying to get a spider out of the house... I opened the back door. Crucial mistake.  Three more entered in and one did a leaping /flying jumping attack on me.  It was just a little baby sucker.  ha I’m making it sound like I live in the jungle..... Well, I really do have a palm tree in my back yard :)

We are going to have a stake devotional this Sunday.  It should be really good.  The Mission President is going to come with his wife again.  Oh how I love him.  

Oscar and Paulina passed their interviews and will be baptized this week. We have a couple other interviews too, during the week, so I think we'll have some baptisms.

Until next week -
I'm out