April 26, 2010

Wow! I love you guys.

So I don’t have a lot of time this week. Elder Keller and I have been cleaning for a long time... actually... We probably have one of the best looking houses in the mission now because last Tuesday we had interviews. Hna Chavez went to all the houses with the zone leaders. When she got back, she told me that we would be having a zone service project at our house on Saturday to repaint all the walls. They were all covered in mold. People got there and started working but they wanted to just paint over the mold and I really didn’t want that to happen so I went with bleach and started cleaning all the walls first. Needless to say, three of my fingertips are absolutely burned now because of how long I was scrubbing with the Clorox stuff. It’s pretty doggone strong. I didn’t really pay attention when my fingers started burning, but when it got to more than I could bear, I realized it had basically been eating the skin away and now my fingertips are just jacked. Anyway, today in the morning the elders from Dichato went to Concepción and Elder Keller and I cleaned and tried to start getting things back to normal. We worked for about 5 hours, cleaning, repainted, scrubbing and moving things. Its looking better but its still not done. I like cleaning with Elder Keller cause he doesn’t just try to get it done, rather, he does it right.

This week is possibly the last week we will be together, Elder Keller and I. I hope not. There is actually a chance Elder Keller stays one more cambio. But there is also the chance I leave and he stays. I do not want to leave. I’ve been here for three months almost, he’s almost been here for 6. We will see what happens.

Some investigators are doing great, some not.

Esteban is getting baptized this Saturday. He and his mom are both way excited. An hermano from the ward is going to baptize him. I think he wants me to give a talk.

I love you guys so much. I have got to go... We only have one hour to do everything!

Elder Pitcher