November 16th

Santiago and Family

Ok... so...
Elder Poma and I are not transferring. The president wanted 2 more missionaries here and he wanted me to open up the new sector, but maybe that will happen next transfer. Next transfers are December 27th I think.
Santiago. We went to his house and he told us that he doesnt really have the desire to study anymore. He doesnt know... he changes his doubts all the time. His biggest doubt is the spirit world. I cant believe he is willing to lose the opportunity of the gospel in his life because the bible is unclear on the spirit world... for that we need a prophet... guess what... we have a prophet today... plus Joseph Smith was a prophet called by god. He says maybe more in the future... Who knows with him. He hasnt come to church for 2 months, but he came yesterday ha so who knows.
Oscar. The meeting last week with him went well. He commited to come to church and, well, he came yesterday and he stayed for his wife's baptism. He liked it. I asked him how he's doing with the word of wisdom, he said look...I'm going to keep coming to church and if I like the church, I'll work on the word of wisdom... ha ha we need to help him understand a couple things :)
We only taught 3 new inactives this week, but its such a blessing to teach them. Most have a love for the church, and it's such a blessing to listen to their testimonies. The whole ward is making a big effort to visit all of the members that are inactive and so the members are making lots of visits.... but as a missionary they open up to you in a compleity different way... plus we teach pretty decently.
Its awesome to feel the love that people have for you here. Some inactives that are now re-activated had a dinner for us. We aren't suppose to eat dinner at their homes, but when we got to their house and tried to explain that to the mom, she about died and so we ate. I love assigning them to teach me... its so awesome when they get into it and tell us 2 days before the appointment 'I already have my lesson slash thought planned' and I love how they teach like us.... 'Elder pitcher... could you please read this verse... and what does that mean... ' ha I love it.
I love being in Chile. I feel so lucky everyday!
Til next week...