October 26, 2009

Hello everybody,

Like always, it was another good week. We had a baptism yesterday. Well, first we confirmed Mariana. It is always done in sacrament meeting. I really like confirming people. My first couple times I was nervous, but now that I speak better, I really, really like it. Don’t think I speak perfect. Actually, I don’t speak very well at all, but I am getting better. After church we had another baptism - a kid named Alan. He’s 13 and his mom and sister are members, but he wasn’t. He is part of the family that lives in Pinto. Had quite the fiasco after the baptism. (I just barely realized that’s a Spanish word...fiasco... what do you know... we are always learning) The Bishop surprised everyone and called Alan up right then to be confirmed. Oh the surprises in our lives.

On Saturday there was an activity for the whole stake. We took a mother, son and daughter to it, but it was the primary. Each ward took a country and did a native dance. Last week, the young people...(I forget what they are called in English) like the young men and women, did the same thing. It was very neat. They put a lot of time into it. They all had native dresses and everything and it was very, very well put together. They danced from countries like Peru, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and a couple others. There are 4 wards and 3 branches in our stake. I loved seeing everything that they did. I love the Spanish culture. I will travel to many Spanish countries after my mission... Mexico, Brazil, and Spain will be the first three (I haven’t decided the order yet ;)

Elder Poma contacted this girl on Wednesday. After talking, we found out that she is a member, and her family is too. We went to their house and shared with her family and they are just so awesome, but there was a bad experience some years back. They stopped going to church and now the dad and mom work. They are old and have 5 kids I think. The youngest is 15. They have a 19-year-old boy named Christian. He has basically never been to church because his family has been away from it for 11 years. I have a hope for him that he can serve a mission. He doesn’t have any kids (miracle) so he would be able to. He’s got a long way to go. First he needs to be baptized. ha, ha. I don’t even know if he has the desire, but my hope for him is baptism, and next year, mission. The mom is named Berta. She is awesome too. She continued to go alone even after her husband stopped, but she doesn’t go now. We were crying when we were talking because there is just a special feeling with them. We were sharing with 5 people and a baby and it was a good feeling. They have love in their home and freak I love them. I hope that all goes well. We are going to their house again tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Until next week,

Elder Pitcher